Monday, December 01, 2008


When the titles pop up as other ones I've typed you know it's a bit redundant.

So I'm trying to type with less slang and more articulation. It seems a bit pretentious but also, when it comes time to write the book I expect it will hold me in better stead.

Just sayin'

It's hard though.

Any way to up date. Tomorrow I go for the second opinion on the plastic surgery. I've already been approved for surgery, well for the excess skin and tissue on my torso to be removed, but not my arms, legs or breasts. So that's not the issue.

The issue is if the two docs are on the same page. Like how much will this one think he'll remove? What kind of incisions will he be making? What kind of drains, follow up and protocols? Is my Columbus man reasonable, is the Cincinnati doctor going to be exceptionally better? There's going to be a few follow up drives. I don't know how much I'm going to want to drive to Cincy if the doctor in Columbus is equal.

So I'm hoping for equal. I don't dislike the Columbus Doc, but I figure I considering the extent of this surgery having a second opinion is warranted.

I did actually have a good day as far as eating awareness goes. I only had two meals and a snack. I'm trying to ditch the sugar and simple carbohydrates. It's 9:30 and all is well. I should go and track it, but that just wears me down after a bit. I want to find a way to control my eating without tracking. I know I've said in the past if that's the one thing I have to do to get my weight off, I'll do it. But I'm looking for solutions that will get my weight off that don't include having to track what I eat.

It's about being aware of what you put in your mouth. I'm pretty cognizant of that right now.

We'll see.

Otherwise, life is good. The kid broke her arm. She has a pink cast to go with the pink Xmas tree so we're going to have a pink, pink holiday.

Monday, November 24, 2008


So here's to giving thanks for a happy life. One that is healthy and full of activities of my own design.

I'm having plastic surgery in April if all things go according to plan. The biggest hurdle to get past now is financing. We'll see if I can get credit for the surgery or not. With all the student loans and other debt I have it might be doubtful.

I figure when I know what it's going to cost me, I'll start worrying about it deeply.

Now there are other worries. Like what to get Zoe and A for X mas. Also.

I'm annoyed with google/blogger/yahoo and all it takes to get into this blog. Ugh.

Rock on, I'll post more as there is time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Plastic Surgery

Well there's a bit of a time cruch happening in my life right now.

I can't seem to want to make the time to do things that I used to do like being on line with lapbanded people. I used to like riding my bike. I used to like cooking....

Well I still like all those those things but there is little time for it.

I have been making committments for my time when I'm done with school which isn't that far away. I'm kind of scared that I'm over promissing what I can do.

But more to the title of this blog. I've seen a plastic surgeon about removing my skin. I think I need to see a second one about getting the skin gone just to compare the two. But getting to the first one was a bit of effort like everything in my life is right now. However, it is the smart thing to do, so I'll do it.

The good news is there's a bunch of weight which will be cut off of me in the way of skin...but the bad news is that the skin is going to be CUT off of me. OUCH! And it's going to be costly and painful....

So there is a quick entry. I'm looking into the surgery now. Maybe it will happen in April, maybe in June. Hopefully the sooner the better. ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forgot I had this thing going

Now that's something. How does one forget such a thing as having a blog???

Anyway, the weight has been slow to come off. School is taking a toll on most aspects of my life, like time to bike and exercise in general, and finding time to be social.

Of course, I see the GF and I make a point to play with my daughter but if you are not one or the other you can essentially kiss my time in your life goodbye. Okay, if you work with me and corner me in my office I'll talk to you too, but I really do try not to do too much of that either. As I see it, the more schoolin' I get done at work the more time I have for other things in my life. But wouldn't you know it, there is work to do too while I'm there. I have a sense of obligation to do that. Go figure.

But I worry a tad that I'm not going to make it down the home stretch of the weight loss on the optimal time frame. I'm trying to wrap my head around a less than optimal timeframe but that starts eating (ha, pun) into my other getting a new job, buying a new house and moving into the very real Phase II, of the new and improved life of Juli.

But alas, there are always changes to plans...but still the original kind of goes like this: Get to 160 by January. Stay there for 6 months, get plastic surgery over the summer while work is slow and while I still work for the state and then move on. I'm about 25 away from 160 and I'm acting and eating like a woman who doesn't want to lose weight.

I need to start acting like losing weight is one of my highest priorities. I need to move it to the top of the list so I get it done like it needs to be.

This is me talking to myself. Is there a coach out there? Someone want to help psyche me up?

Looks like I need to go knock on a few doors of those I know who do that kind of thing.

Rock on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm not stalling to keep from doing that I 'should' be doing, my weight is stalling. It has everything to do with how I'm not eating like I should. I'm really at a loss about how to get my eating back in line.

I mean overall I eat better than I ever did. And I blame the MBA for keeping me a bit overwhelmed...I am feeling accomplished in my life, it's just the food choices are easier to grab something quick than it is to grab something complicated.

But I do things like bake bread. Like a girl needs to be baking it's not about time. It's about flavor or just not caring. I dunno,

These are some random thoughts.

What's cool I'm going to be meeting someone who wants to chat about getting her business started. Kind of like a test "coach" thing for the both of us. I like that it's on the radar.

Okay, there's not really much to write. I'm just filling the obligation of at least one post a month. Who knew I'd run out ideas. But for real there just aren't any....

Friday, June 27, 2008

write more

I'm stalling.

I have a test to take, two papers to write and a quiz.

I've got six hours to get it done.

I'm stalling.

I also need to workout, eat breakfast and eat lunch.

But I see that I'm not posting on here much at all. So apparently the best use of my time is to write more, right now.

I get a fill on Monday, I canceled my last fill before it happened. I'm a little scared because I am tight at times but other times, like in the middle of the day I can eat an entire sausage biscuit. Why I had a sausage biscuit in my world is another question to be answered, but I did and I ate it all!
But there are times like now I've been up for 3 hours and all I can get in me is coffee. I'll shoot for oatmeal in about an hour. It won't go down easily but it will go down. Then the gloves will come off and I'll be able to eat and eat and eat. Particularly if I go at it slowly and pick for an hour.
So with the fill comes the commitment to bring my food to work, to only spend 30 minutes a meal, to drink my water in between. to take my vitamins.

The good news is I'm working out appropriately. Could I do more? Physically probably, but there's no time in my life for more than an hour or a half an hour a day working out. So I do that and I feel okay about it. I might actually go for a longer bike ride next week, Tuesday. Woot.

Okay, time to hit the books!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm so not a slacker. I'm really very diligent, nearly always. My goal is to tie my diligence to some money making vehicle.

I'm on my way. You know, the book, the public speaking, the executive coaching.

Step one, get an MBA.
Step two, lose 180 pounds.

Step three get a new job.
Step four write a book.

Nothing to it. Not a thing.

The weight has started moving again, which is good. It has everything to do with my dedication to moving more, not eating less. I'm just not at the place where I can so no to offensive food easily. It will come again. I have a fill scheduled....

Life's okay. Busy but good. I'm blessed.